Goat Trials

A Trail Running Challenge By Northwest Trail Runs

June 13 - July 26

Goat Trials is a weekly trail running challenge where you score points by achieving running (or walking) challenges. Each week we'll unveil a new theme that will come with featured trail running routes that are inspired by the theme. You score points by running or walking these routes, as well as by completing several related challenges, solving bonus task clues, and posting photos of yourself conquering the challenges!
Where will the goat lead us next? As well as being a fun way to challenge and enhance your fitness, we're using this challenge as an excuse to highlight the Puget Sound region's amazing trail running venues—both well-known ones and some lesser-known gems—while emphasizing participation by all ability levels, from those who want to bring fun to their walks to those who want to push their limits. Sign up for one week, or sign up for the whole challenge! We'll unveil the challenge for the coming week on Friday night. Then you'll have from Saturday until the Sunday eight days later to complete the challenge. (This means consecutive weeks' challenges will overlap on the weekends.) Some parts of the challenge will be time-limited, and we'll announce the rules for those with the details for each week. For example, if there is a photo contest, then we'll judge the winners following the challenge closing Sunday night. But many parts of the challenges will remain open after that challenge week is over, so you can still participate if you don't get in at the start. For participants that are unable to complete the featured routes due to geographic, schedule, or health constraints, we encourage improvising your own version (as similar as you can make it, but we welcome creativity) and doing that. Submit your substitute activities, and we'll take a look and decide how to award at least partial points. Substantial portions of most of the weeks' challenges will be possible to complete at a location of your choosing.