Refund Policy: 3/1/2020 – 3/20/2023

COVID-19 (coronavirus) Updated Policies

The novel coronavirus pandemic is creating extraordinary circumstances that are disrupting business as usual for virtually everyone, and we’re responding in several different ways, including by changing our refund and credit policies to be more accommodating of the uncertain situation. Although we are modifying our events to use social-distancing-friendly formats, we may still have to cancel or reschedule events on shorter notice than we would like in response to whatever measures are currently in place to control the spread of COVID-19. We don’t want those of you who are participating in our events to have to worry that you will be disproportionately impacted by this uncertainty, so here are some specific changes we’re making:

  • Anyone who does not attend an event, including those who register for an event that is cancelled or rescheduled, will be offered a credit of 100% of their registration fee. We want everyone to feel okay about staying home if that is what would be best to manage their personal risk or the risk to the community.
  • For people who need to cancel their registration and get their registration fee back instead of receiving a credit, we will refund at least 95% of the registration fee paid. Up to 5% is to cover our transaction and processing costs. Those who have been negatively economically impacted by this crisis and are experiencing financial instability or stress need only write us an email, and we’ll process a no-questions-asked refund within a few days. We do what we do to support you, and the last thing we want is to be a source of financial stress.
  • Instead of being valid through six months or year end, credits will now be set to expire in mid-2021 or later, so that there is plenty of time to use them after the pandemic subsides.
  • We ask that you let us know ahead of time if possible once you know you won’t be attending. Some events will need to have lower entry caps to facilitate social distancing and may sell out, and we can allow someone else to register if a spot opens up.

Refund, Transfer, and Credit policies during ordinary times

We hope everyone who registers will be able to participate in our events, however we want to provide options for registrants who find themselves in unlucky circumstances, so Northwest Trail Runs offers these policies:

If an event is not sold out:  If a pre-registered participant does not participate, that participant may have a partial entry credit toward a future run within the same calendar year or six months, whichever is later. The amount of this credit is the amount paid for the entry minus the greater of $10 or 30%. This credit amount may also be applied toward transferring an entry to another participant. We appreciate when people contact us before the event to let us know they won’t be attending, but it’s fine to contact us afterward, too.

If an event is sold out:  If a pre-registered participant does not attend, that participant is not eligible for any refund or credit for the registration fee, but will have the option of having any apparel purchases mailed or applied as a credit toward a future event entry, valid for the same calendar year or six months, whichever is longer. However, some entry credit may be offered when a participant notifies us well in advance that they are no longer able to attend. We may be able to offer entry credit to people who contact us long enough before the event that we are able to fill the vacant entry slot, and this will be considered according to the situation in each case.

Apparel purchases:  Except for apparel purchased as part of registering for an event that is cancelled (see below), the price paid for any apparel purchases that are not picked up at an event or otherwise received, whether or not associated with an event registration, may be applied in full toward a future event entry fee or apparel purchase within the same calendar year or six months, whichever is later.  Optionally, apparel may be mailed.  Payment of shipping costs may be required for mailing of apparel purchases not connected to an unused event entry.

If we cancel an event due to a natural disaster or other extreme circumstances beyond our control, we will normally* offer full entry credit to a future event, and we will either mail any apparel purchases or apply the purchase amount to the entry credit.
*For some events, we may incur high advance costs that cannot be recouped, and in this case, we may offer only a partial entry credit.

If we cancel an event for other reasons, we will offer each registrant their choice of an entry credit of the full amount paid to a future event or a full refund, with both options including the amount paid for any apparel purchases made with entry.

Please contact us at, or Eric at to discuss your options rather than initiating a dispute with your credit card company.  It is faster, easier, and cheaper to resolve any issues by communicating directly.  If you choose to pursue a refund via a credit card dispute rather than by contacting us directly, you agree to be responsible for immediately reimbursing us for any fees that we must pay that are associated with the dispute.

These policies apply to events that are hosted solely by Northwest Trail Runs.  For co-hosted events, like the Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series or Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival, our hosting partner’s refund policies often apply instead of ours, and their policies may differ from ours.

This policy was last updated on March 31, 2020 and applies to events in March 2020 or later.  You can also see our previous refund policy.