Goat Trials Challenge Email – week 1 theme and instructions

Dear ________,

Thank you for signing up the the first ever virtual trail running event by Northwest trail Runs – Goat Trials! This will be an adventure for us, too, and we’re so glad you’re joining us!

I know you are are curious what this is all about, well let’s get this thing started! First, the theme. As trail runners, this week’s theme is one we may love or…well, not love so much, but it comes with the territory and brings great reward. The theme of this week is: Summit week, a vertical gain challenge!

GOAL: You must receive 100 points by next Sunday (6/21) to complete the challenge and earn your button of the week, but any additional points will go to your score in the overall standings for the six-week challenge.

POINTS: All challenge elements are worth points as specified below, with bonus points given at the goat’s discretion.

As you participate in the challenge, please remember that the reason we’re able to do this instead of running the races we’re used to is that we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to help you make the most of it, and we ask that you help keep yourself and the community safe by following the #RecreateResponsibly guidelines while you are taking part.

Here are the ways to earn points in the vertical challenge:

– Accumulate vertical gain (climb) on foot during a seven-day period – 20 points for 1000 feet; 35 points for 2000 feet; 50 points for reaching one vertical kilometer (1000 meters, or 3281 feet); 65 points for reaching one vertical mile (5280 feet). For people who log their seven-day gain starting on June 13, 14, or 15 and report it by June 23, their points will be the greater of the above-listed numbers for accumulating gain and ranking points awarded thus: 100 points for highest weekly vertical total, 95 for second place, 92 for third, 90 for fourth, 89 for fifth, etc.

– Run one or more of the five featured hill routes – 50 points for the first, then 30, 20, 15, 10 for extra routes. The routes will be unveiled Saturday morning.

– Take and submit a feature photo of yourself (can be expressive, scenic, artistic, or whatever you want) on one of your hill workouts; it can be a featured route or one of your own – 30 points. For people who submit their feature photo by Tuesday, June 23, the winner of “best photo” as determined by our judges gets 100 points, and any number of photos receiving honorable mention may be awarded some number of points between 30 and 100.

– Take and submit a photo of yourself at one or more of our specified Points of Interest. There is at least one along each route, and the specific points will be described with photos, descriptions, or both – 20 points per featured route venue at which a Point of Interest is located and photographed. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled to spot the Points of Interest and earn these points!

– Each venue that you guess before the venues are announced after 8 AM Saturday morning will earn you 15 points. We’re giving you some rather cryptic clues, so we think these will be hard. To get the points for identifying a venue, you need to submit either the name of the park or the name of the geographic location/feature. City names and general area/neighborhood names don’t count. You submit your answers using this form and may do so only once.

– Submit links to your training for the week, so we can see your tracks and elevation gain (or whatever your logging method/device tracks.) – 5 points

– Bonus: Can’t do and earn points for some part of the challenge? Improvise your own version, and our panel of judges may award some number of points for your creativity and effort.

For the guessing challenge, here are the clues for each of the five featured route venues:

– Waves and sand at your back, by a creek thy path wind. Near the Meadow you’ll start, up the dale you will end.

– On this hill, are you going to Valhalla or Bot into hell?

– It sounds rehearsed, but to the Sea Tac? Not quite: tack onto.

– A striped beast–Master it Quick!

– Seeing cats from the start? One is far, neither tame. A surprise at the end, and a trail of no name.

We will provide additional details in a message tomorrow morning between 8:00 and 9:00 AM on the featured routes, the Points of Interest, and how to submit your photos and other challenge achievements.

As the challenge goes along, each week will be somewhat different, and we may modify things or add new ways to earn points at any time. Since this is new, we expect you’ll have questions, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Wishing you clean hands and strong legs on the hills,

The Northwest Trail Runs team