Winter Trail Series Standings as of Interlaken Icicle Dash

02.07.15 Written By: Rebecca Jensen
Winter Trail Series Standings as of Interlaken Icicle Dash

With one event left in the Winter Trail Series, the series standings sure are looking interesting! Here is a synopsis of who has a chance at cracking a top spot:

For the women:
Hillary Superak, Katherine Robinson, and Jesi Villamarin are all in position to capture a top spot in the women’s standings.  Superak and Robinson are currently signed up for Frost Eagle.  If all three of these fast women run and finish as strongly as they have in other series races, Courtney Strand could be pushed out of the top three, with other runners chasing close behind her for a top-six spot.  Colleen Powell and Nancy Chaney have run all six Winter Trail Series events so far, and Powell is signed up for Frost Eagle and appears poised to complete all seven races.

Women’s Standings

For the men:
The men’s race appears even tighter, with Brian Nelson being chased by Jacob Warren and Rob Kyker for the top spot.  Of the three, only Kyker is on the start list (in the half marathon) for Saturday’s Frost Eagle event, as of early Thursday evening.  Dustin Hinkle has a slight edge on 60-year-old Ed Barney, who is still chased by son Michael Barney.  No other major shake-ups appear to be in the offing, however Amon Mende has three solid scores on the board and could jump into the top six if he runs Frost Eagle.  Alex Phillips and Mike Powell both have attended all six events, and both are signed up for the final series race on Saturday.

Men’s Standings