Spring Run For Fun @ Bridle Trails


5 km, 10 km, Half Marathon, Marathon

March 23, 2024

8:30am-9:40am starts

Bridle Trails State Park, Kirkland, WA

Bridle Trails State Park is a nearly square-mile oasis of magnificent upland forest, dotted by a few wetlands and surrounded by quiet suburban neighborhoods. With its dozens of miles of trails—most beautifully maintained—and four horse arenas, it is one of the premier equestrian parks in the western United States, as well as a favorite location for trail runners, with its convenient location in the heart of the Eastside.

Despite being close to Seattle and Eastside communities, Bridle Trails State Park is large enough to offer the feeling of being out in the forest that one might otherwise need to travel farther from the metro area to enjoy. While many other large, forested areas are at higher elevations and under snow during the winter months, Bridle Trails—at just 500 feet above sea level—is usually snow-free and accessible year-round.

With many wide trails and a mostly gently-rolling elevation profile with few steep slopes, Bridle Trails is also a good place to stretch the legs out with a faster paced run than might be possible on a hillier or more rugged course.