Announcing Our 2021 Event Calendar!

01.13.21 Written By: Heather Gonzalez
Announcing Our 2021 Event Calendar!

As we gleefully watch 2020 disappear in the rearview mirror, we look ahead to 2021 with great hopes and anticipation of what the new year will bring. While the last year has been a good lesson in holding our expectations lightly, we are still doing our best to give you and the rest of our trail running community some bright spots to look forward to!

We’re a bit late to put out our 2021 event calendar, and this is partly because the last year has made us hesitant to tempt fate by announcing our plans too far ahead of time. When we unveiled our 2020 calendar it included some new events that we’re eagerly looking forward to bringing you. Most of these events are now planned for 2021, and we’ve dreamed up more new events that we’ve put on the 2021 calendar in the meantime.

Even in a typical year, there is always some chance that planned events will need to be rescheduled, modified, or canceled. This remains true for the coming year, despite the promise that the nascent vaccination campaign will turn the tide on the pandemic. In the meantime we will continue to operate under the COVID-19 safety guidance from the state for running races and similar events.

Our 2021 events are in various stages of the permission process. As we have for our 2020 events, we will notate them as “CONFIRMED” in the event title on the website once we receive adequate assurances from the permit issuing agencies. Some event web pages still have schedules and other information that reflect how these events were organized pre-pandemic, and some new event pages have very little information. Event web pages will be updated and registration opened over the coming weeks.

We hope you will use the add-to-calendar links to add the events that interest you—or even our whole Northwest Trail Runs calendar—to your calendar, so that you can more easily keep track of our many runs.

Here is what we have for you:

Northwest Trail Runs events Google Calendar (view in web browser)

  1. For Google Calendar users, here’s a link to add Northwest Trail Runs to your list of “other calendars”
  2. For users of other calendar applications, here’s a link to download an iCal (.ics) file (~46 kB) of the events

Add-to-calendar links for each run

Okay, here’s the list of events. The first link, clicking the event name, adds the event to your Google calendar, and the second downloads an iCal (.ics) file, which is a text file in a format that can be imported into Outlook, Google calendar, and many other calendaring apps.

1/3/2021 – Absolution Run 5k & 10k – download iCal (.ics)
1/23/2021 – Frost Eagle Trail Run 5mi & Half Marathon – download iCal (.ics)
2/6/2021 – Interlaken Icicle Dash 5k & 10k – download iCal (.ics)
2/20/2021 – Fort Ebey Kettles Trail Running Festival Half Marathon & Marathon – download iCal (.ics)
2/21/2021 – Fort Ebey Kettles Trail Running Festival 5k & 10k – download iCal (.ics)
3/27/2021 – Spring Run for Fun @ Redmond Watershed 5mi, 9mi, & Half Marathon – download iCal (.ics)
4/17/2021 – Manastash Ridge Run 5k, 7mi, Half Marathon, & 50k – download iCal (.ics)
5/2/2021 – The Teanaway Trail Run 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, & Marathon – download iCal (.ics)
5/8/2021 – Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series #1 5mi & 11mi – download iCal (.ics)
5/15/2021 – Tiger Mountain Trail Run 5k, 12k, Half Marathon, & 50k – download iCal (.ics)
6/8/2021 – Ravenna Run the Ravine 4k, 8k, & 12k – download iCal (.ics)
6/12/2021 – Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series #2 5k, 8mi, & 14mi – download iCal (.ics)
6/19-20/2021 – Bridle Trails Solstice Running Festival 5mi, 10mi, 15mi, 50k solo, 50k relay, dusk-to-dawn – download iCal (.ics)
6/22/2021 – Sunshine Salutation Trail Run 5mi, 9mi – download iCal (.ics)
6/26/2021 – Quartz Mountain Trail Run 6mi, Half Marathon, & 19mi – download iCal (.ics)
7/6/2021 – Carkeek Warmer Trail Run 5k & 10k – download iCal (.ics)
7/10/2021 – Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series #3 5k, 10mi, & 20mi – download iCal (.ics)
7/17/2021 – Whidbey Woods Trail Run & Whidbey Woods Checkpoint Run 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, 3-hr & 6-hr checkpoint run – download iCal (.ics)
7/20/2021 – Seward Sizzler Trail Run 4.2mi & 10k – download iCal (.ics)
8/1/2021 – Paradise Valley Trail Run 5k, 10k, & Half Marathon – download iCal (.ics)
8/3/2021 – Summer Eddy Trail Run 4mi & 8mi – download iCal (.ics)
8/14/2021 – Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series #4 5k, 14mi, & Marathon – download iCal (.ics)
8/17/2021 – Interlaken Ice Cream Dash 5k & 10k – download iCal (.ics)
8/21/2021 – Summer Blast @ Redmond Watershed 5mi, 9mi, Half Marathon, & Marathon – download iCal (.ics)
8/28/2021 – Corn Maze Craze 4k & 6k – download iCal (.ics)
9/11/2021 – Middle Fork Trail Run 10k, Half Marathon, 22mi, & 50k – download iCal (.ics)
9/25-26/2021 – The Moran Constitutional Relay 70-mile trail relay – download iCal (.ics)
10/9-10/2021 – Wolfpack Mountain Athlete Challenge 30-60 miles over two days – download iCal (.ics)
10/16/2021 – Run with the Kokanee 5k & 10k – download iCal (.ics)
10/31/2021 – Cougar Mountain Trail Run 7.6mi, 19.5mi, & 50k – download iCal (.ics)
11/6/2021 – Carkeek Cooler Trail Run 5k & 10k – download iCal (.ics)
11/20/2021 – Ravenna Refresher Trail Run 4k, 8k, & 12k – download iCal (.ics)
12/4/2021 – Redmond Reindeer Romp 5mi & Half Marathon – download iCal (.ics)
12/18/2021 – Seward Solstice Trail Run 4.2mi & 10k – download iCal (.ics)
1/2/2022 – Absolution Run 4mi & 8mi – download iCal (.ics)

The Northwest Trail Runs events Google calendar will be updated with any changes to dates, times, distances, or other event details that may occur, so an advantage of subscribing is that the information stays up-to-date. Whereas we won’t be updating the individual add-to-calendar links and iCal files (and of course we’re hoping we won’t need to.)

Anyway, we know first hand the challenges of balancing our running with other time commitments, all while dealing with the increasing amount of information that we have access to—and that we often receive whether we like it or not—so we hope these calendaring tools will help ease your stress by making it easier for you to control your information environment and select and track the runs that interest you.

We wish you many happy trail runs and other good things in 2021!