Announcing Our 2020 Event Calendar!

12.04.19 Written By: Eric Bone
Announcing Our 2020 Event Calendar!

With holiday lights twinkling and the Cascades filling with snow, it is high time we announced our 2020 event calendar.

Our 2020 scheduling process has actually been going on for nearly half a year. We’re always hatching new events, and new event plans take the most time to solidify. On top of the time that takes, we put on so many events—and not only Northwest Trail Runs events, but also Street Scramble and Northwest Nav Races events—that we sometimes find ourselves shuffling one event to a different date and needing to change the date of another, revisiting plans that we thought were settled months ago. But it has reached the point where we’re feeling really satisfied with events as they sit in the calendar, so of course we’re excited to now share them with you, our trail running community!

As always happens, there are some events that—for one reason or another—will not be permitted until next year. We’re not opening registration for those yet, but in the meantime we still want to let you know the dates we’re planning.

One thing that is both exciting and agonizing about planning events is the need to be patient. We always have more ideas for events we’d like to produce, and for ways to enhance your experience of the events we’re already planning, than we have time to make a reality in the short term. But today, we’re implementing one simple way to make it easier for you to keep track of the events that you’re interested in: Add-to-calendar links.

Here is what we have for you:

Northwest Trail Runs events Google Calendar (view in web browser)

  1. For Google Calendar users, here’s a link to add Northwest Trail Runs to your list of “other calendars”
  2. For users of other calendar applications, here’s a link to download an iCal (.ics) file (~20 kB) of the events

Add-to-calendar links for each run

Okay, here’s the list of events. The first link, clicking the event name, adds the event to your Google calendar, and the second downloads an iCal (.ics) file, which is a text file in a format that can be imported into Outlook, Google calendar, and many other calendaring applications.

1/5/2020 – Absolution Rundownload iCal (.ics)
1/11/2020 – Bridle Trails Winter Running Festivaldownload iCal (.ics)
1/18/2020 – Frost Eagle Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
2/1/2020 – Interlaken Icicle Dashdownload iCal (.ics)
2/22/2020 – Fort Ebey Kettles Trail Running Festivaldownload iCal (.ics)
2/23/2020 – Fort Ebey Kettles Trail Running Festivaldownload iCal (.ics)
2/29/2020 – Soaring Eagle Checkpoint Rundownload iCal (.ics)
3/7/2020 – Kennedy Creek Chum Rundownload iCal (.ics)
3/28/2020 – Spring Run for Fun @ Redmond Watersheddownload iCal (.ics)
4/19/2020 – Lake Hills 50k Relay & 5k Run & Walkdownload iCal (.ics)
5/9/2020 – Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series #1download iCal (.ics)
5/16/2020 – Tiger Mountain Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
5/30/2020 – Rattlesnake Ridge Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
6/3/2020 – The Big Rundownload iCal (.ics)
6/7/2020 – The Teanaway Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
6/9/2020 – Ravenna Run the Ravinedownload iCal (.ics)
6/13/2020 – Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series #2download iCal (.ics)
6/21/2020 – Seattle Parks Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
6/23/2020 – Sunshine Salutation Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
6/27/2020 – Cascade Crossing Relaydownload iCal (.ics)
7/7/2020 – Carkeek Warmer Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
7/11/2020 – Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series #3download iCal (.ics)
7/18/2020 – Middle Fork Trail Run download iCal (.ics)
7/21/2020 – Seward Sizzler Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
8/1/2020 – Paradise Valley Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
8/4/2020 – Summer Eddy Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
8/8/2020 – Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series #4download iCal (.ics)
8/15/2020 – Summer Blast @ Redmond Watershed Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
8/18/2020 – Interlaken Ice Cream Dashdownload iCal (.ics)
8/23/2020 – Corn Maze Crazedownload iCal (.ics)
9/12/2020 – Whidbey Woods Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
10/10/2020 – Moran Constitutional Relaydownload iCal (.ics)
10/17/2020 – Run with the Kokaneedownload iCal (.ics)
10/25/2020 – Cougar Mountain Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
11/7/2020 – Carkeek Cooler Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
11/21/2020 – Ravenna Refresher Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
12/5/2020 – Redmond Reindeer Rompdownload iCal (.ics)
12/19/2020 – Seward Solstice Trail Rundownload iCal (.ics)
1/3/2021 – Absolution Rundownload iCal (.ics)

The Northwest Trail Runs events Google calendar will be updated with any changes to dates, times, distances, or other event details that may occur, so an advantage of subscribing is that the information stays up-to-date. Whereas we won’t be updating the individual add-to-calendar links and iCal files (and of course we’re hoping we won’t need to.)

Anyway, we know first hand the challenges of balancing our running with other time commitments, all while dealing with the increasing amount of information that we have access to—and that we often receive whether we like it or not—so we hope these calendaring tools will help ease your stress by making it easier for you to select and track the runs you’re interested in.

See you on the trails in 2020!