Welcome to our new website!

06.09.14 Written By: Rebecca Jensen
Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website! Let us show you around…

On the homepage, you’ll find big, colorful trail running photos that celebrate our runners. Up there at the top, site navigation is easy. There are no drop-down menus hiding anything, because everything you need is already one click away. Go ahead and click on the ‘Events’ link in the menu bar, you’ll be taken to a big and bold ‘Picture View’ layout of all our events. If an event catches your eye you can click for more info, or if you’re ready to sign up, save a click and go directly to registration and bypassing the info page.

Do you prefer to see events all on one page, with distances and venues listed for quick scanning? No problem, while you’re on the Picture View events page, you can click on the ‘Compact View’ link to see all our events compressed into an easily scannable chart. You can also get to the Compact View directly from the homepage by clicking the “view the complete calendar” link.

Did you ever miss some information about an event on our old site, because it was buried in a tabbed menu at the bottom? Now event pages lay everything you need to know out on one page, so nothing is hidden! There’s also¬†an anchor menu right at the top, so you can click a topic and jump to it for faster navigation.

There are also some new features to check out!

First of all, there’s our ‘First Time?’ section. We at Northwest Trail Runs strive to make trail running an accessible experience, so we are excited to dedicate a section to the first timer experience. Share it with your friends!

We’ve also added a blog (hello!) and YouTube channel! Expect to see some behind-the-scenes, race highlights, and how-to’s in both of these places. Our goal is to create a resource that will provide both inspiration and information.

And finally, we’re pulling back the curtain with our About page profiles. We treat our runners like family, and we want visitors to feel the same warm welcome, so we’ve shared a bit about the lives of those that make Northwest Trail Runs happen. You can also check out what other events we’re working on, by clicking links to our other series, MerGeo Nav Races and Street Scramble.

So welcome to our web page, we hope you like it here! Check back soon to see our blog and YouTube channel come to life!