Half Marathon Trail Series

The Half Marathon Trail Series features several half marathon trail runs over the course of the year, designed to both whet and sate trail runners’ appetites for this wonderful distance!

The different events offer courses at a variety of venues, each with a unique beauty and challenge. Run three or more to earn a full series score. See how you compare to others in your age group, or challenge yourself to go the distance three times this year.

Use the red registration button below to register for multiple Half Marathon Trail Series events at once. Register for two races to get a 5% discount on your entry fees, three races to get a 10% discount, and four or more races to get a 15% entry fee discount!

Current Standings Last Updated: October 10, 2022
Date Event Page Distance Location

Series Swag & Competition


Do you love swag?

Participation counts! Runners that participate in 4 Half Marathon Trail Series events will receive a stainless steel coffee mug!


Are you competitive?

  • Your best 3 performances in the Half Marathon Trail Series will rank you in the series standings!
  • If you want to do fewer events, that’s okay! Series events are open to everyone.
  • If you want to do more events, that’s awesome, because it gives you another chance to improve your score.
  • If you complete any of the Half Marathon Trail Series events, you are automatically entered.
  • Points are awarded based on finish placement.
  • Women’s and men’s placements are scored separately.
  • The 1st place woman and 1st place man in each event score 100 points, 2nd place scores 95, 3rd scores 92, 4th scores 90, 5th 89 and so on. Places 64th and lower score 30 points.
  • In the event of a tie, each runner’s highest point score is used for the tie-breaker. If two runners have identical highest point scores, then the next highest point scores are compared until the tie is broken.  If all scores in rank-order are identical for two or more runners, then the tie is broken according to the size of the competitive field (largest number of runners ranks higher) at the run where the highest score was earned (then second highest, and so on, until the tie is broken.)
  • The top series participants receive special recognition and free entry to a future trail run to be announced.
  • Awards will be presented in the following categories: Open Women, Open Men, Masters Women 40+, Masters Men 40+, Youth Girls 18/under, Youth Boys 18/under