2015 Rock Creek Ramble


10-km, Half Marathon, 30-km, 50-km, 50-mile, 100-km

Saturday, April 11th

Escure Ranch, Sprague, WA

Rock Creek Ramble takes place at Escure Ranch, in the unique and beautiful channeled scablands of Eastern Washington. The scablands were formed by the famous Missoula Floods around 15,000 years ago, which scoured the landscape and revealed the towering basalt cliffs you can see today.

In a virtually treeless landscape filled mostly with dry grass, Rock Creek Ramble is likely the most off-trail feeling trail run you will ever experience. You’ll wander a well-marked route along the cliffs, following jeep tracks, trails, and sometimes even cow paths trodden into the dirt. There is little to impede your view, which allows for long and inspiring vistas. Plus, with the start and finish at the abandoned 20th-century Escure Ranch with its metal-sided buildings, you may feel like you’ve gone back in time a bit.

The terrain is generally flat to rolling, punctuated with a few tall mesas that provide short and sometimes steep climbs.