2020 – Quartz Mountain Trail Run


19 miles, 13 miles, 6 miles

Saturday, June 27, 2020 – POSTPONED

8:00am-11:00am starts

Naches, WA

This event is in the Little Naches Valley, Northwest of Yakima, with the start along 1901 Road, just across the main 1900 Road from the Crow Creek Campground. The courses will take runners up the lovely Quartz Creek Trail, which ascends to the crest of Manastash Ridge on the longest course, and all of the courses are hilly. The courses primarily follow single-track motorbike trails through relatively open forest. Scenic highlights include views of Manastash Ridge, the rugged Quartz Creek valley, and the Little Naches Valley, and the longer two courses at least have nice views of Mount Rainier. The longest course has the most climb but also the most views, with panoramic vistas from the top of Quartz Mountain. Detailed route descriptions and course maps can be found in the Course Description section.

      Quartz Creek Trail 949 at Sunset