2015-2016 Winter Trail Series Standings

12.16.15 Written By: Gretchen Walla
2015-2016 Winter Trail Series Standings

Wow, what crazy weather we have had this fall!  The Pacific Northwest is on track to have one of the wettest winters on record but that hasn’t dampened your trail running spirits.  In fact, we have had record numbers attend the first 3 races in the Winter Trail Series – you all rock!

For those that like a bit of competition, your best four performances (out of seven possible events) in the series will rank you in the series standings. The fourth event in the series will be at  so take a gander at the standings and ponder with your friends: who will climb up the standings this weekend?

2015-2016 Current Standings

Here’s a review of the Winter Trail Series rules and procedures:

  • Your best 4 performances in the Winter Trail Series will rank you in the series standings!
  • If you want to do fewer events, that’s okay! Series events are open to everyone.
  • You may register for events individually, or use Series Registration to sign up for more than one event at once for your own convenience. Using Series Registration is not required to be part of the series competition.
  • If you complete any of the 2015-16  season Winter Trail Series events, you are automatically entered.
  • Points will be awarded based on finish placement, and this will be done separately for both women’s and men’s finishers.
  • The 1st place woman and 1st place man in each event score 100 points, 2nd place scores 95, 3rd scores 92, 4th scores 90, 5th 89 and so on. Places 64th and lower score 30 points.
  • The series rewards those with the most points, regardless of what distances they ran.
  • In the event of a tie, each runner’s highest point score is used for the tie-breaker. If two runners have identical highest point scores, then the next highest point scores are compared until the tie is broken.
  • The top series participants receive special recognition at the final Winter Trail Series event, Frost Eagle, on February 6th, 2015.